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  • 每對新人都渴望擁有著一個屬於她們完美無暇的婚禮。實際上, 在籌劃的旅程中, 卻往往面對著無數難以處理的瑣碎事情,既複雜又煩惱。
    Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding. However, they often face with numerous difficulties in dealing with trivial matters during their journey of planning which is complex and troubled.

  • 喜愛熱鬧的新人, 不論妳們有否屬於妳們自己的宗教信仰, 何不在婚禮上,增添更加多的傳統中國色彩和熱鬧元素?
    Those new couples who love festivity, why don't you add some lively elements and Sinicism in your wedding regardless of your religion?

  • 尤其中國傳統文化, 以 "禮" "孝" 為先;人生婚嫁大事, 傳統的中國婚禮習俗儀式更不可缺少。
    In particular, "Courtesy" and "  Filial piety" are key elements of traditional Chinese culture, a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony is indispensable in your wedding event.

  • 能夠成為妳們婚禮的左右手,是我們囍悅婚禮秘書團隊的榮幸。
    It is the DH bridal secretary team's honour to be an assistant in your wedding ceremony.